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Emergency medical care saves lives and money. Get the fastest medical response.

Cypress Hill Hospital offers one of the best ambulance response services within Lagos State, Nigeria. Over the past few years, patients and clients have trust in us as their number one mobile medical services company with reliable standards. That is because we offer medical ambulance services with class and swiftness.

You need a quick response and efficient ground ambulance service within Lagos and other states in Nigeria? Then you need to contact Cypress Hill Hospital Ambulance Service.

Our ambulance service is available 24/7 round the clock, everywhere in Lagos with highly trained medical team to attend to your call.

We have modern technology equipment, first aid machines, defibrillator, oxygen stand, trackers, and GPS, in our ambulance vehicles. And our respondents can map out the best routes to be taken to offer the patient first aid services, stabilize the patient, and convey to the hospital for further medical treatment.


In Need Of Intensive Care in Motion With Fast Response To Emergency?

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Cypresshill Hospital is your second-to-none multispecialist resource for high quality medical care.


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